August 25, 2016 The story of Sharon, a Kenyan woman based in China, recruiting drug mules in Kenya to take drugs to Hong Kong (with updates below). Readers are welcome to send me info about this story: 

Real name: Sharon Mokanya Adwanba. Real photo, taken in Hong Kong on March 16, 2016. I say real photo, because Sharon often uses disguises ... wigs etc:






Update September 22, 2016: for the sake of her dear family in Kenya whom I have met, I hope Sharon will as soon as possible break free from the Nigerian Drug Lords who are using her. Maybe she can go to another country in Africa ...or somewhere else ....with a new name and new passport ...and re-start her life. 

Sharon is wanted by the authorities in Kenya. That's why she lives in China. Why don't the HK authorities arrest her? Maybe because she uses a number of different passports (Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria ...) with different names. Currently she is said to be using a Rwandan passport.

And currently she is engaged, through a friend in Kenya, in recruiting 10 (ten!) more women (...always women ...easier to fool than men ...more desperate to get money for families...and in this case simple village women...) to bring drugs to HK.  Sharon has already sent money to Kenya to pay for passports for the women. They don't need a visa for HK. They may or may not know they are carrying drugs. They might be told they are bringing diamonds or gold or money, or something else in which drugs are hidden, without their knowing.

Update September 22, 2016: thanks to the work of people who supports this website's anti-drug campaign, and thanks to this very story which has been widely circulated in HK, China and Kenya, the 10 women in section above are now not coming to HK. Thank you Lord! If they had come, most if not all would have been arrested at HK airport and now be starting long prison sentences in HK.

Update December 15, 2016:  a most distressing update - one of the ten women went to Malaysia, and is facing the death penalty ... Here

Sharon works with Esther, a Kenyan asylum seeker in HK. See The story of Esther on this website.

Sharon is responsible for many inmates being in prison in HK. 

Sharon was using a friend, Lucy, to recruit mules in Kenya, but Lucy has recently run away to India because some of her recruits were arrested in HK. So Sharon is now using another friend, Donna. Sometimes also using another woman named Phoebe. And yet another one named Nancy. "Nancy" may be "Phoebe"?

Sharon has been sending messages to mules arrested in HK, warning them not to give information to HK authorities. Sometimes threatening to harm their families if they talk to HK authorities.

In HK Sharon has a Nigerian boyfriend name Frank "Migwazi" (spelling?), "Nonso", who runs a bar on the 4/F of Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui (the only African bar on that floor). He also has a 7-11 franchise somewhere in HK.... and he has a guest house at Chung King Mansion (C-6). He is a friend of Network and "R.J." His HK ID card uses the name "Christian". He has a Chinese wife. He is responsible for many people going to prison in HK. He is the No. 1 Nigerian Drug Lord, the Big Boss, in HK. See his story Here

Sharon's Nigerian link reminds us that nearly all the drug mules coming these days to HK - from Africa, from South America, from Malaysia, from the Philippines, from Indonesia, from Dubai and even from the Mainland - have been recruited/arranged/coerced/tricked by Nigerian Drug Gangs who are obviously all connected. 

Sharon's mules are bringing cocaine, cocaine intended for the market in China where the street price is much higher than in HK. 

Why don't HK authorities arrest her? Because she has connections with HK Customs and police. See "The story of Esther".  Some years ago Sharon was arrested in HK, but then released by a lower court.   

One of Sharon's drug mules, Floviance Razan Owino, who was transporting drugs in China was arrested a few years ago and was facing the death penalty. See this BBC report The Kenyan woman on Chinese death row (and Google: "Kenyan woman China death penalty" for updates which indicate the sentence will hopefully be commuted)

How much longer will Sharon continue to destroy families and lives in Africa, HK and China? Can anything be done to stop the 10 new drug mules from coming to HK? (Update: the 10 didn't come, because the plan had been exposed, but Sharon then sent one of them, Faith, above, to Malaysia)

Dear God, please let someone somewhere do something to stop Sharon. May Sharon herself have a change of heart. May she get out of the drug business. May she do something good to make up for all the harm she has done.

Update October 2, 2017: Sharon is now in Nigeria ...from where she sent Faith (above) to Malaysia, not telling Faith about the death penalty.

C'mon Sharon ....enough is enough!