2016-08-25  The story of Esther: how she entrapped another Kenyan woman in Hong Kong - see updates, below, including messages from Esther!

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Maria (not real name) is a Kenyan business woman on her second trip to Hong Kong. She stayed at the home (in Fan Kam Road, Kam Tin) of a fellow Kenyan - Muroki Esther Wambuku (real name), a Kenyan asylum seeker in Hong Kong.

Photos of Esther from Facebook


While Maria was at Esther's home, Esther asked Maria to go to another home she had, in Sham Shui Po, to receive a parcel from a delivery man, a parcel from Brazil, and give it to a Nigerian man "K.C." - "Chookuma" who would be with the delivery man.
(Address of Sham Shui Po home: Room F, Flat B, 6/F, 35 Fuk Wing St, SSP).  Esther had some days before taken Maria shopping in Sham Shui Po and shown her the home and introduced her to "K.C."

Outside the home, on the street, Maria met the delivery man, signed for the parcel, and was arrested by the delivery man - a Customs officer. Maria told the Customs officer that the parcel was in Esther's name and was meant for the African man. But the Customs officer proceeded with Maria's arrest. Neither Esther nor "K.C." was arrested.

Esther "set up" Maria to be arrested. Maria is now in detention, facing around 10 years in prison for trafficking in 530g. of cocaine, the contents of the parcel.

How did the Customs officer know that Maria would be arriving at the time she did?  How did Esther know that the Customs officer would be at her home at that time, dressed as a delivery man? Must not Esther have been in touch with Customs? This implies an entrapment, even a suspect relationship between Esther and Customs.

To support such a suspect relationship theory: another Kenyan inmate, recently arrested at HK airport after being recruited to go to Dubai and bring drugs to HK, was due to be met at HK airport by guess who? Esther!!!

A further question: why such an entrapment? The most common reason given by people in the drug world is: people like Esther must provide Customs with regular "victims" in order to receive protection (...to allow other drug mules not to be arrested...), and such entrapments help Customs officers get promotion. If anyone can show that this is not true, I will gladly publish a correction to this story. (c.f. this video report, in Chinese, of three HK policemen arrested by ICAC in January 2016 for planning an entrapment in order to get promotion).

Esther is also connected with Sharon, a Kenyan woman based in China who recruits women in Kenya for drug trafficking to HK.  See The story of Sharon on this website.

Esther's link with Brazil, Dubai and Kenya shows that the Drug Gangs in those three places are connected.

How much longer will Esther continue to destroy families and lives in Africa and HK? Can anything be done to stop her from working with the Nigerian Drug Gangs?

Dear God, please let someone somewhere do something to stop Esther. May Esther herself have a change of heart. May she get out of the drug business. May she do something good to make up for all the harm she has done.


Update September 9, 2016:

Maria one day heard Esther on the phone to Esther's sister in Kenya, speaking about a third sister who had been in HK a long time (...& had got Esther to come to HK...) but went back to Kenya where she died of HIV in August this year (just before Maria's arrest). Esther asked the sister in Kenya for the passport of the deceased sister. Maybe now Esther is using the deceased sister's passport?


Update October 6, 2016:

A number of Kenyan inmates in prison in Hong Kong have met  Esther in Kenya and/or in Hong Kong. Esther was due to meet more than one of them at HK airport as they arrived with drugs.

Customs lack of interest in catching Esther at HK airport is explained by the "unhealthy" relationship between Customs and Esther. 

When Maria was at Esther's home in Kam Tin in July 2016, a parcel from Kenya was delivered to Esther's home by DHL about 5pm. After which Esther kept anxiously calling an African man to come and get the parcel. After the man arrived, he and Esther went outside with the parcel. Not long after, Esther came back into the house with a lot of money (many HK$1,000 and $500 bills). Maria feels the parcel contained drugs.


Update October 20, 2016: Esther has been arrested in HK by Customs .... after three parcels of drugs from overseas addressed to her were found at HK airport. One fear: being an "informer" she will be released?


Update October 21, 2016: My fear was not unfounded. Esther has been released. HK Customs has a lot to answer for. Esther has been seen back at Chung King Mansion. She is now free to continue her drug business (..also her prostitution business ...pimping Kenyan women...)


Update December 22, 2016 - email from Esther
(Nathan Nathan Mwangi nathanmwanginathan@gmail.com):

Am writing you this to let you know am award of your online post defiling my name.First read the post and understand the whole story.You have edited that"The parcel don't belong to Esther but belonged to a man by name KC"The lady caught with the parcel associate me how.

Its all about evidence.Am so ready to stand in the court of law.Furthermore  actions is effective as at now due to malicious damage of my name to an extent of posting my photos.Since you don't know how it pains by even including my late sister's name.May her spirit haunt's you and her soul rest in peace.Evidence prevails.

Ave a lawyer to clear my name and all cost are on you since you are the person who edited your thoughts via Internet.



Dec 22, 2016 - my email response:
Dear Esther, your pain is nothing compared with the pain of the poor women you and Sharon have put in prison, and did you read about Faith now being on death row in Malaysia - Here. I repeat my words above: May Esther herself have a change of heart. May she get out of the drug business. May she do something good to make up for all the harm she has done. In return for your curse, I ask God to bless you.


Dec 22, 2016: - a further email from Esther:
Fake allegation on my name. Foremost,who is this lady by name Shallon whom you've mentioned there above.Secondly write the names of the women you mentioned are sued in my name.Tell them to write letters and post them as the same you are doing to others.

John Wotherspoon,I wish you find the truth about this things you are posting. You should be responsible of your dealings and never be incited by people. This world is full of haters,may you prove with detailed evidence that am a victim to those fake allegations. And for your information evidence prevails.


Dec 23, 2016:  - email from Esther:

I am so eager to get answers to my questions.Who are those women are you accusing me with.l need written detailed information from them.

Your title as a Father doesnt correspond to your action. Its paining me too me too much for editing that my sister died of HIV.Why does my late sisters death itch you?Did you carry a test confirming her cause of death.

Surely a Christian Father,your actions are disgrace to the Christians Family.I ask again who is Shallon.


Dec 24, 2016 - my email reply to Esther:

Dear Esther, "Shallon" is Sharon ....see:  http://kenyablog.org/stories/2016-08-25-Sharon.htm

Earlier this week I phoned her dear Father in Nairobi (whom I met in Nairobi in January 2016) to ask him again (as I had done a month or two earlier in a previous phone call) to please try to stop Sharon from recruiting drug mules. I had also suggested in my first phone call that Sharon should get a passport for some other country and leave China and stop coming to HK. She should break with the Nigerians who recruited her in Guangzhou. 

In my latest phone call I also asked Sharon's father to stop his wife and other daughter in Nairobi from being involved in this business.

I hope you also can get out of this business before it's too late. This business is a matter of life and death - since another one of Sharon's mules (Faith, from the same area as Sharon's father) is now on death row in Malaysia.  Please help me pass on this information to Sharon. God bless. John


April 15, 2017 - email from ??? (Esther?): Jdjajd Hxhdjs <jktelecom88888@gmail.com>

Be careful posting pictures,,and you dont have evidence,,you are creating problems to the families of the ones who are in jail especially in kenya


April 16, 2017 - my email reply:

Thank you for your message. Did you see this? May the Risen Jesus bless Kenya!


April 16, 2017 - email from same address as April 15:

What was the main point of editing that somebodys sister died of aids,,,what does it connect with drug issue,,plus,saying somebody is doing prostitution,,,thats a way of tanishing somebodys name,,tit for tat is a fair game


April 17, 2017 - my email reply:

Thank you Esther for new message.
"Maria" is due to be sentenced at High Court on May (10) ....will probably get around 10 years in prison ....because of you. Can you do something to tell Customs that you set her up?
God bless


April 17, 2017 - email from same address as April 15:

Am a man am not a woman,who is esther?


April 18, 2017 - email from same address as April 15:

We are warning you,if you wont remove those blogs,wait and see what will happen,,it will be a lesson to the others


April 21, 2017 - I made report about all of this correspondence to Yau Ma Tei police station (showing them a printed copy of this file and other material re my anti-drug campaign)


April 21, 2017 - two one-line emails from same address at April 15:

Since you decided to tanish peoples name,,,,somebody will cry somewhere,,

Google what is mungiki?and give me the answer,,you will regret what you did,,bastard