Letters from Kenyan inmates in prison in Hong Kong - 2016

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December 14 - Most distressing letter from a Kenyan inmate in prison in HK, saying how a cousin of hers will be executed in Malaysia for drug trafficking ....tricked by the same woman who tricked this inmate.

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"Sharon" and "10 women" in this letter: story here

December 2 - Letter from a Kenyan mother in prison in HK for drug trafficking - facing 10 years in prison

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October 25 - Letter from a Kenyan inmate in prison in HK for drug trafficking - asking for help to send this message to media in Kenya

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September 29: Letter in English-Swahili from a Kenyan woman who includes her prison number and address in case anyone would like to write to her - in response to her warning about the danger of drug trafficking to HK

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August 27: From a Kenyan women in prison for drug trafficking

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July 10:  

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June 16:

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June 6 & June 7 (same writer):

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March 30: 33 year old Kenyan woman arrested Macau March 30 for drug trafficking. Can't find a report in English - only this Chinese report so far. Photo of the 92 (!) swallowed cocaine pellets in this 2nd Chinese report. Both reports say the women swallowed the drugs in the Philippines. 

March 25:  This is a very sad and moving letter - from a Kenyan woman now in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking. Her story makes me want to cry out "she is not a drug mule; she is a victim of human trafficking"!

Update March 2017: I now know that much of the story in the March 25 letter is just not true, so I have removed the letter.

March 23:

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March 14:

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Feb 23:

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Feb 14:

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